The Basic Fundamentals Of Literacy And An Important Part Of A Young Students Schooling

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Writing is the basic fundamentals of literacy and is an important part of a young students schooling and ability to communicate. Writing uses a range of literary devices which each have their own purpose, whether that be to evoke emotion, persuade a reader or create relatability, students need to be able to critically analyse writing and get to the crux behind the words. This Essay will discuss the connected unit plan developed for year 10 English students and how it provides opportunity to scaffold young students writing. It will discuss the rational for the three chosen texts and how they extend a students’ knowledge on how to write. Some examples of this is character creation, language within the text the evokes emotion, using everyday problems to build relatability. Following this it will discuss some theoretical aspects of teaching proficient writers including the works of Winch, Myhill, Vygotsky and Laigns’. Lastly will provide insight into some of the teaching strategies and assessment tools used within the unit plan.
Writing gives an opportunity for people to express themselves, unlike reading which is a “receptive process”, writing is a “productive process” (Myhill, 2010). But with this comes its’ challenges whole processes must be taken to account when writing, there is ‘planning, drafting, revising and editing’ (Thompson, 2012.) which means for some young people actually putting in effort and time. However, this is not the main challenge students are facing, most…

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