Essay about The Basic Fundamentals Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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This paper explores the basic fundamentals of fetal alcohol syndrome. It explores the current issues of fetal alcohol syndrome and the prevalence we are facing. The legal definition of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and fetal alcohol syndrome is stated. The physical, social, and cognitive characteristics are determined. Effective classroom environment and strategies are explored. Assistive technology devices are discussed and best suggestions are given based off of research done by the author. Finally, there is an overall conclusion of the topic. Suggestions are given for the future research of this topic. Preventions of this disability are also discussed in the final conclusion. Throughout this paper there are different books, and journals explored to come up with the topic information and facts. There is input as well from the author about the overall experience of this research paper and how it will shape the authors experience and future educators experience in the classroom as teachers.

Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Literature Review
Current Issues Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a disability which has been seen dating all the way back to bible times. However, today Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is said to be the “leading cause of brain injury in childhood,” and “is cited as the leading cause of developmental disability in the Western world,” according to Catterick (p. 144). Fetal Alcohol Syndrome continues to have a growing impact on today’s culture and we are…

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