The Baseball Of Red Sox Essay examples

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While some big names and large contracts still loom in the MLB offseason, a few teams have already risen to the occasion. It has only been less than two months, but the teams who are serious about having a championship year have already made a splash. Today we will take a look at the three biggest winners thus far in the offseason.


The Red Sox pulled off the blockbuster trade of the offseason when they landed Chris Sale in a trade with the Chicago White Sox. Chris Sale is one of the best pitchers in baseball. Last season, he was top 10 in Wins and top 5 in strike outs. One of his most important stats is the fact that he just does not walk many people. Most importantly, this puts Chris Sale into what could become the most fearsome pitching rotation in baseball.

Red Sox already have 2016’s Cy Young winner in Rick Porcello. Though he may not be able to match his 2016 success in 2017, he will still be a force for Boston. The other big three pitcher on the Red Sox is David Price. Price regressed this past season, but is still a top pitcher. Adding Chris Sale with these two pitchers will go far. Even Yankees GM Brian Cashman commented on the situation when he stated, "Boston is the Golden State Warriors of baseball now." This ironically coming from the Yankees, the franchise that started the trend of buying super groups in American Sports. When you can make the Yankees start seething in jealousy, it has to be a win in the Red Sox books.


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