The Huns: Attila The Hun And The Fall Of Rome

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When I was choosing a topic for speech to explain I wandered between historical options, and while I was reading about barbarians something in their history seemed me very familiar, just from yesterday news: unknown tribe appeared and instilled unbearable fear into habitants. They were killers. Thousands refugees tried to cross the borders of other countries to rescue their lives. It is not CNN. Therefore this determined choice of mine, the Huns.
According to historian Kelly, Christopher (specializes in Roman Empire, classical studies at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, The End of Empire: Attila the Hun & the Fall of Rome, W.W.Norton & Company, 2010) the Huns were a separate nomadic (nomadic means people who live by traveling from place to
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Where did they come? (MAP) Rome Empire was divided on two parts: the western half centered in Rome and the eastern half centered in Constantinople. Western half was in decline with the economical, political, military difficulties and corruption was rampant. Eastern half was very weak until. The Huns sudden appearance forced thousands Goths, who lived on north and west of Rome Empire to move and to seek refuge in Empire, what is know as Great Migration between 376-476 CE (Ancient History Encyclopedia, by Joshua Mark, director of AHE, published on14 December 2014). Some Goths were allowed to cross the border, another crossed through fighting, as a result The First Gothic War with Rome began (376-382CE). Romans for military needs had taken on the service some Hun bands, taught them military art like how besiege cities; that was very useful for the Huns in further besiege of Roman cities. After defeating the Goths Huns overran Roman territories of Syria …show more content…
During this time Huns army became much more organized and experienced. Nobody knew how to fight with them, so Romans decided to pay them for peace. Huns army until 440 years was rather confederation of armed bands; they did not have political unity. But very soon the most famous person among the Huns-Attila became in power. They were two brothers, nephews of the one Huns kings- Rua; and after his dead they took his throne and subjugated all Huns tribes. There is a version that Attila killed his older brother- Breda to be omnipotent; he definitely had total control over Huns. Attila began military campaign against Eastern Empire and his army annihilated many Romans cities including Belgrade. The principle of military action is the same: unpredictable savage attack, killing and destroying, plunder, sudden disappearance. The Huns did not occupy territory; they did not know what to do with that. The economical principle of existence very simple: to subjugate people, to force to pay tribute, to pay from this tribute to soldiers for subjugated people. For commanders outcome is a great wealth. Attila threatened to destroy all Eastern Empire and claimed gold for peace, immediately 6000 pounds and yearly 2100. Romans agreed to pay and make him more powerful; he decided he would bring the west into submission. Until Huns were fighting with Eastern Empire and Goths West was busy with Persians and barbarians in North Africa, and they

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