The Banner Of Leonias : How Do You Feel About This Campaign? Essay

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The banner of Leonias was difficult to turn a blind eye to; it 's golden silk flowed and rippled from the gentle summer breeze of an open window, causing the bloodred silhouette of a maned and gaping beast to appear as if it repeatedly sprung out towards an unsuspecting victim, caught in an eternal dance of burying its claws into its prey and jumping back to start anew. Underneath the banner sat a young man with long chestnut hair. He had it tied back for this occasion, not intent of having the longer strands fall into the varying dishes that were offered to them this very day.

"Oi...Ari, how do you feel about this campaign?"

Fork clinking against his plate, Arihiko shifted his eyes to look at the older man. Seated opposite to him, the bearded Leonian was hunched forward, his elbows resting on the mahogany table with half of his face hidden behind folded hands. His brows were scrunched together in a frown, as if he was contemplating the fate of Atlas itself. If he hadn 't known any better, he would have thought that the man was nervous. The corner of his mouth pulled into a crooked smile. "Have the nerves finally gotten to you?"

The black-haired man responded with a weary chuckle, straightening his back when he sat up. "Heh, it will take a few more years 'til I turn into a wreck." Clearing his throat, he gave the mess hall around them a glance over before returning his attention to the younger Leonian. " 's those Phoenicians. Why invite us here?" Inigo stared off…

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