The Ballot For Voter Vote Essay

1634 Words Nov 21st, 2015 7 Pages
In the 2015 electorate year, the City of Seattle announced that Initiative 122 was going to be placed on the ballot for voter’s approval in the fall. The initiative is intended to change political campaign advertising and lobbying strategies for future elections by limiting the amount of money that businesses, with city contracts, can donate, limiting the amount of money individuals can donate, as well as limiting the amount that former city officials can contribute. The initiative would also give voters vouchers to spend city allocated funds in support of his or her favorite candidate. These main features of the initiative are intended to limit the amount of lobbying in city elections, as well as give more power to the voters to let their concerns be heard. Therefore, voters in Seattle should vote “yes” on Initiative 122 which would strengthen the voting laws in Seattle and allow for a more evenly contested election for city positions. This would decrease the amount of political lobbying (corruption) in future elections, increase the power of the voters, and increase the pressure on candidates to follow the City’s election laws. Firstly, the intent of the initiative is to limit the amount of political lobbying. According to the City of Seattle, the law, if passed, would limit business to donations no greater than $250,000. These businesses, however, must hold contracts with the City in order to be limited in their contributions. The law also limits individuals to…

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