The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe By Carson Mccullers Essay

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The novella The ballad of the Sad Café by Carson McCullers focuses on a very specific theme of the lover and the beloved. Often you find the self centered character of cousin Lymon in the spotlight of this love triangle that also features Miss Amelia and Marvin Macy. Cousin Lymon is not only self centered, but also egotistical, and very selfish. These characteristics make him a very apparent reason why the townspeople congregate to see him cause trouble regularly by annoying and harassing people at the café. Also, it is obvious cousin Lymon is the beloved of Amelia, but deeper in the story you can find that cousin Lymon loves Marvin Macy. McCullers theory of love is completely visible as the theme of the novella, and is visible in cousin Lymon through the entirety.

Cousin Lymon is the beloved of Miss Amelia, he comes to find her because he wanted to tell her that they are long lost cousins. Miss Amelia believes him and for the first time in the novella, she shows compassion and love. Miss Amelia is described as a very masculine women, since she was raised by only her father, so it is understandable that she does not often show compassion because of how she had been abandoned by one of her parents. But when Lymon comes to find her it is because he has no other place to go, and Miss Amelia welcomes him with open arms. The reason he stays with her is because of how giving she is to him, and since he realizes this he takes advantage of it. Anything cousin Lymon wants…

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