Essay The Balance Between Family And Work

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The balance between family and work is a difficult act for most couples raising children. Time that was once spent at work may have to be allocated to other activities to support the family. More work is added to the household workload, which can sometimes increase stress on one or both of the spouses. However, no matter the situation, spouses can always strive to live egalitarian lifestyles in which they share responsibilities equally amongst the members of their family, in doing so a culture of respect and happiness is created. The balance of work and familial duties generally defines the success and happiness of a family and there are many different practices that can be implemented to sustain the ideal qualities mentioned before.
Regardless of whether or not both parents work or if only one works, maintaining a balance between time at work and time at home is essential to maintaining happiness in the family. Practices to implement that aid in the cultivation of a successful marriage include, open communication between partners, the ability to resolve conflict and self -disclosure (Schwartz and Scott, 2012). These practices are essential to a happy life with one’s spouse and the creation of a happy atmosphere for a family and their potential children. In an article from the Pew Research Center important practices that support happy marriages are discussed. The authors talk about how marriage negates other lifestyles that the spouses previously lived and the sacrifices…

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