The Bags I Had Found Essay

834 Words Apr 11th, 2016 4 Pages
When observing the bags I had found, I found many interesting things. The first I observed was that was how these bags played into our gender roles. The girls had purses or totes. Neither of these bags went over both shoulders. They were called “mini” because they replicate what girls tend to see older women wear. Their colors and style indicated that girls and women were dainty and not rough. The girls were also supposed to like small animals such as kittens and the beach. The purses and totes sizes indicate that they are meant for small items for girls to put in such as lipgloss and nail polish. For the women although they had large totes, the backpacks were extremely small in size unable to possibly fit a school binder. The boys and men items fit just as well into our gender roles. On the boy’s bags there were sharks and tools which are associated with being tough. Boy’s in our society are taught to be tough and strong, but to not like kitten as seen on the girl’s bag. If the girl’s bag had switched it’s animal to a dog, it still would not be acceptable for a boy to wear a purse in our society. Most of the men’s bag were meant to do athletic activities. They had large straps and a buckle across the chest indicating that they were meant to carry large items. These buckles would be very uncomfortable for the women.These items also fit our society’s gender schemas. Gender schemas which is a cognitive structure and network of associations that helps to organized individuals…

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