Essay on The, Bad Neighbors, By Edward P. Jones

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In the, "Bad Neighbors" for Edward P. Jones
Edward P. Jones grew up in the Washington, D.C., area, the son of a single mom who washed dishes and worked as a hotel maid to support her children. Although she herself couldn 't read or write, she encouraged academic excellence. Jones achieved a scholarship at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts and then earned a master 's degree in creative writing. He worked as a business writer for 19 years, and began publishing short stories. The story "Bad Neighbors" appeared in Jones ' 2006 anthology "All Aunt Hagar 's Children" and was also published that year in the prestigious "The New Yorker." The story "Bad Neighbors" Short story about the Bennington’s, a working-class black family who moves into a middle-class black neighborhood, and Sharon Palmer, the girl with whom one of the Bennington’s falls in love. Set in Washington D.C. the point of view that Sharon got rescued by Derik the person who loved here since Bennington’s got to Eighth Street. He hide his feeling and never showed to Sharon because he was not well educated like her. Sharon’s husband never care about her. As matter of fact, Sharon got the point of choosing educated husband who recently showed that he do not deserve her and neglecting the person who always loved her. The massage could be that people should not really judge or categorize them unendear any name because of their way they act and behave with others. Being educated or in a privet school makes…

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