Essay on The Bacteria That Can Cause Infection

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The bacteria that can cause infection are called pathogenic bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria causing extensive morbidity and mortality worldwide. Contaminated and food supplies large carriers of these diseases. Timely detection and precise and monitoring technologies and therefore it is important in many places. It is important in a clinical setting for determining the cause of the disease in humans in order to allow appropriate treatment must pathogen sensors to achieve many requirements. First, you must show high sensitivity and low detection limit. Since the speed of the multiplication of bacteria is very high, and even numbers drop bacteria cells (s health. Sensor requires a certain intolerance Strains of bacteria, such as E. coli O157: H7, Salmonella, Listeria and L., in clinical disease [Nugen, and Baeumner 2008: Batt 2007]. Second, rapid analysis time is necessary this is especially important to take immediate measures for treat victims of pathogens and reduce the spread of pathogens. Third, it was revealed at a time and identify different strains of the bacteria is also critical. To achieve this goal, you must sensor, high specificity to target cells appear. Matrix type of sensors that show independent privacy multiple targets can be an attractive platform. Fourth, portability and ease of use for the task on-site monitoring, In addition, automation can be an important factor to consider for the long term environmental monitoring.
Detection techniques important in the…

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