The Automotive Industry Adapting The Fast Changing World Of Technology

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The automotive industry adapting to the fast-changing world of technology. If Henry Ford could be here, he would be amazed at how advanced vehicles are today. With each generation of transportation, the average car is becoming more of a personal computer than just an engine with wheels. The average car owner in 2016 can now get a Wi-Fi chip installed in their vehicle. This brought forth new features to vehicles that were never done before. With artificial intelligence moving forward, the decision comes down to having computer driven cars. This makes people question whether we should allow a computer to make decisions for driving instead of using our own judgment. The idea of integrating self-driving cars into the world is still a debatable topic. The world is split into 2 groups. One group wants self-driving cars and others are against it. It makes us as humans question whether the person or group programming the A.I. into the vehicle is making the best decisions possible for the well-being of others and the driver. This is where we as humans must decide ethically if we can accept the decisions being made by a machine with the lives of others, and our own are on the line. The idea of self-driving cars isn’t a new. The beginning workings of self-driving cars began in the 1920s. The true first fully autonomous car came around in the 1980s by Carnegie Mellon University. They created the NavLab project which started autonomous car design. According to an Engineering…

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