The Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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Attack on Pearl Harbor

On December 8,1941 President Roosevelt said his famous quote “ this date which will forever live in infamy.” This was a day before the Japanese attacked the U.S. naval base, Pearl Harbor. I am doing this specific war in history because I feel like this more popular event in time misinterpreted because a majority of the people of this generation only know about this date because of a movie. In this I’m going to discuss not only what happened during the attack, but also what occurred in Japan and the U.S. before this happened. What led to the tension, what increased the anger of Japan? Japan before the attack was very forceful. Their military believed in conquering more territory. So in the 1930’s its expansionist policies caused disturbing conflicts with nearby neighbors. In 1937 Japan declared war on China, this is when the Japanese first caught our eyes. Ten years later Japan invaded Indochina as a plan to embargo all imports to China, which included the U.S. war supplies. By doing so it turned us to embargo all the oil exports, rendering their oil supplies to bunkers and furthering their existing expansion plans. Japan’s economy hit hard when the U.S. closed the Panama Canal to Japanese shipping because in 1938 74.1% of the scrap iron in Japan came from the U.S. The move into Vichy-controlled Indochina raised further tensions between the U.S. and Japan. Before the deliberate attack at Pearl Harbor the Japanese signed the Tripartite Act with…

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