Essay on The Assassination Of The World War II

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A long, six year conflict sparked the creation of several leaders who went down in history. This was World War II, one of the most widespread and deadly wars. Involving over 30 countries, World War II ended with a lot of change. Many people were forced to step up and make decisions for their countries. This is what helped produce the leaders we know from the war today. Germany was both politically and economically unstable before the war which led to the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. As the mastermind of the “Final Solution” and the invasion of Poland he involved many other leaders into what became WWII. One of these was Winston Churchill who as the Prime Minister of Great Britain was trying to do whatever he could for his country to lead them to victory. Joseph Stalin was another who both assisted Germany in the beginning of World War II and the Allied Powers once the Soviet Union joined in 1941. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt led his country through the attack on Pearl Harbor and to a victory for the Allied powers. Together these men make up the leadership found in WWII. There were many leaders during World War II that both influenced the outcome of the war and the status of their country consisting of Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. ` World War II would not have taken off with the power it had without the most prominent leader, Adolf Hitler. The ultimate goal in Hitler’s mind was to expand Germany into countries with vast…

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