The Assassination Of The Kennedy Assassination Essay

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The suspicious circumstances surrounding the Kennedy assassination has created a clout of conspiracy theories, if one such conspiracy was actually found to be true during the Warren Commission then American democracy and history would be radically altered. The commission’s official story is that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and killed the president due to a variety of factors such as a resentment towards society, commitment to Communism, and a desire to get his name in history. This official report on the Kennedy assassination is riddled with inconsistencies, which are amplified by the subsequent assassination of Oswald two days after Kennedy was shot. Oswald maintained his innocence during his interrogations and proclaimed to be a “patsy” for the real shooter(s). While conspiracies for the killing greatly vary, three groups reoccur as having significant motive; the CIA, the Soviet Government, and Cuban exiles. If one of these groups were determined to be behind the assassination at the time, the course of history would have taken a tremulously different turn. One of the main targets for being the true aggressor behind the attack was the CIA. After the disastrous failure on their part during the Bay of Pigs operation, the CIA and President Kennedy were constantly at odds as the President no longer had faith in the organization. Kennedy felt that the organization purposefully mislead him before the operation and disregarded his stance on no direct American involvement…

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