The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy Essay

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Before, I would start the lesson on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, I would have the class watch short clips, which show how John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I would have my class watch short clips of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, so they could get an idea of what I’m going to be teaching them. After they have watched the short clips on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, I would have the class make up theories or predictions as of why they think John F. Kennedy was murdered and who killed John F. Kennedy. Then I would go into teaching about the murder of John F. Kennedy and the class would have to see if their theories were correct or incorrect. Also, another idea I would use to get the student excited to learn about the assassination of John. F Kennedy is, I would have a student be the president and a student be the first lady and I would have the class act out the assassination and then they could see what it was like to be in that situation and how they would react.
Level 2 The Additive Approach

A summary on the assassination of John F. Kennedy is on November 21, 1963, the president of the United States of America and the First Lady travelled to Dallas, Texas, where he was scheduled to make a number of appearances, so he could get the support for the Democratic Party. On November 22, 1963 around 12:30pm, the president was travelling in a car that was open, through the street of Dallas, Texas. He and the first lady were sitting in the back of the car…

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