The Assassination Of Jfk Assassination Essay examples

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This will cover the young life and life before JFK became president, the presidential running of JFK, the assassination of JFK and after the assassination. To begin in his younger life he was born May 29th, 1917. His presidential running was something to see. They has said that he was one of the best and they all wonder what it would 've been like if he would have had that extra time during his time. But we will never know because it never happened. There were haters out there just as there is for everything but he rose up against it and kept going for it and that 's why he got the presidency because he had the persistence to win it all. Many were mad about him winning the running. But many were happy about him winning. Sadly enough many believe that those who killed were against him and his ideas. But there is also some conspiracy against who was all involved in the assassination. Some believe that the CIA had something to do with it. Others believe that it could have been the mafia, the KGB, Lyndon B. Johnson, and some believe that it could have been a man holding an umbrella. The cause behind the umbrella man theory was because he is just out of place. It was a clear day out and not a drop of rain was predicted. Some other people believe that it could have been the infamous Illuminati. This is a very far-fetched idea though. The most solid theory is the one involving the mafia. Although many want you to believe that it was a single shooter. Others will still believe that…

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