Essay The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

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After coming a long distance from Richmond, Virginia to Washington D.C, my destination was reached. Just by gazing at the deep-rooted bricks and the old cream-colored columns, I knew this was the right place to be. Strolling into the revived Ford’s Theatre and looking at the waxed mannequins it feels like you are travelling back into the 1860’s. I was already amazed by observing all of the various artifacts and depictions and trying to figure out which attraction would interest me the most to record. Since Ford’s Theatre is a very popular site and has many fascinating facts behind it, The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was the most impressive exhibit to me. Not only Ford’s Theatre was known for their Shakespearean plays and the death of Abraham Lincoln, but back then it had a unique history that they were mainly known. Ford’s Theatre was originally a church and was once referred to as The First Baptist Church of Washington. John T. Ford who was the operator of Ford’s Theatre rented the building in the year of 1861 and reconfigured everything into what he called ford’s Athenaeum. The theatre was purchased, redesigned and open in 1863. The theatre was very common at that time; it had a combination of comedies, a variety of diverse shows, and Shakespearean plays. As one of the friendly tour guide listened in to one of my questions “How often did people go to the theatre to see the different plays back then?” He replied saying “it is hard to tell, but an estimate of 1,000 to…

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