The Aspects Of Racial Discrimination

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Discrimination is the unreasonable and unfair treatment of different groups of people. When people first think of discrimination, they more than likely think about the ways people are discriminated due to racial profiling. Over time racial discrimination has evolved into a major problem in our society. Causing us to over look all the other major discriminations. There are many types of discrimination, such as: age, disability, religion, sex, and many more. By helping those who have been affected, spreading the word, and being involved in tasks to help prevent further predicaments. We could possibly lower the overall percentage of discrimination from area to area. Slowly but surely the world could put an end to all kinds of discrimination.
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( There are many laws out there, built to protect citizens from any form of discrimination. With such laws, we still face these problems on a daily basis. For years events such as the civil rights movement and protests for equality were held.(
Events in which were held to turn down those who took part in discrimination. It is sad to say that there are still groups of people who believe there is a certain criteria that one must fall under, in order to be socially acceptable. If you don’t happen to fall under their measure, you just so happen to be considered a minority. No matter where we may be, whether it’s a positive environment or not, discrimination tends to happen. Depending how badly you come in contact with discrimination, it can affect our every day life. When the topic of discrimination is brought up, we tend to think of big major events, such as the KKK or Nazis. What we don’t realize is that there are so many smaller forms of discrimination. Discrimination can be found in a wide range of locations. Such as: your work place,
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Discrimination has gotten us to view certain people in a different way, based on their individual characteristics. Personal beliefs that are later passed down from generation to generation. These beliefs stick with us, causing us to think in this way only and view certain people unequally. A major issue has been the discrimination people tend to believe officers have against those of the opposite race. In result to mishaps due to discrimination, people tend to riot/protest in order to send their message. For example, the big riot in Baltimore regarding Freddie Greys death. A large amount of Baltimore citizens got together to protest Freddie’s mistreats. Many were arrested, others were injured, and Baltimore experienced a very tragic riot that quickly got out of hand. Grays death was ruled to be a homicide and charges were issued to the six officers who were involved in his death. (Wikipedia..) Another current social issue regarding discrimination deals with the Latino community. Sad to say, Latinos fall under the minority group. Having to deal with specific laws and regulations. History has shown that Latinos come to this country seeking for a better lifestyle for themselves and their family. But at the moment the bigger issue deals with a certain presidential candidate that has their personal beliefs on all Latinos. They have been

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