The Ascent Of Money By Niall Ferguson Essay

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In the book The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson, Ferguson goes back in time to emphasize that money and the history of finance is the central dogma of human history. As I began the book I was instantly intrigued how Ferguson chose various verbs to name money instead of using the most common one. As I continued the text I realized that it was confusing due to its lack of organization in the timeline of history. None the less he has a solid case in his book about the world of finance, he explained how it affected humanity over time and gave multiple examples about it. Ferguson gives an in-depth historical look at money and finance. He goes back in time to ancient Mesopotamia, and finishes his book with predictions for the near future based on patterns that he sees as, he believes that history repeats itself. In the book the author discusses the rise of money and credit, the bond market, the stock market, insurance, real estate, and international finance. Ferguson does a great job giving examples of how money affects the world in different ways. He gives examples, which are considered to be obvious, but he also presents concepts which are taken for granted and not thought about. These concepts that were presented were truly mind blowing after being discussed in detail. One prime weakness in the book was Fergusons style of writing. Ferguson narrated the book back to 3000 B.C. times known as Mesopotamia to explain how the concept of money started, but along the way he kept…

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