Essay on The As A Scribe Of The King

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The Haremhab as a Scribe of the King is from Dynasty 18, which is correlated with the reign of Tutankhamun or Ay. The place of its origin is probably from Memphis, which dates back to 1336-1323 B.C. It is an interesting sculpture considering the medium is gray granite. Size, color and the material surface texture shows the symbols and artistry appreciated by the Egyptians. As a result of time, the gray granite blends with beige that exhibits the old age of the artwork. The size of this sculpture is medium size compared to the other sculptures that surround it. In addition, the material surface is very alluring as well as rough. Through observation one can see the body hunched over which causes the male breast to look feminine. The folds under the breast and the beer belly are also precise details that describe this sculpture. The most noticeable detail of the sculpture is his right hand holding a papyrus scroll that is sitting on his lap. It is theorized that red and black ink was used to write on the scroll in hieroglyphics. Haremhab is wearing a Tunic, which is transparent sheer material, and a fake wig. The fake wig resembles real hair but in reality it is not, it hangs in front of the shoulders with lines as part of the design. The last important details are the hieroglyphics, which are seated under him and a small detail on his back that appears to be a key and a lock.
Haremhab is a great general under Kings Tutankhamun and Ay. The scroll placed on his lap…

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