Essay on The Articles Of The Constitution

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The Constitution was created for our liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness. The Articles of Confederation had some flaws that needed to be fixed by this new plan of government. Framers wanted the government to have a set of rules for the nation avoiding the abuse of power. In 1789, the United States Constitution was adopted creating a framework for a powerful national government that for more than 200 years has protected the nation’s interests and preserve national unity (Ginsberg, Benjamin, et al., 2014). A delegate who compromise and was a key for the formation of the Constitution was Edmund Randolph.
Edmund Randolph is recognized by the introduction of the Virginia Plan which the idea was the formation of a new government. Randolph’s idea in the Virginia Plan had a great impact on the creation of the Constitution. He was present the day the Committee of Detail was creating the draft of the Constitution, but when the draft was elected he refused to sign. He believed that it lacked liberty, justice, and benefits to society. He knew that the Articles of Confederation had some flaws but the plan for the Constitution had more mistakes.
The mistakes Randolph saw in the Constitution was that it did not have the liberty individuals need and states had not the rights they supposed to have. Anyhow, he believed in the formation of a new government and the preservation of the Union. Even though the Constitution had many flaws he knew that if this new form of government did not…

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