The Articles Of The American Government Essay

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The American government that we have today was based off the proposals of the Federalists who wrote essays to persuade those who were in opposition, that the proposed Constitution would be quite beneficial. The authors have provided solutions to what made the old Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, fail; as well as, discussing how the structure of the government would be like if the proposed Constitution were to be implemented. James Madison especially, discussed about the importance of controlling factions and how a well functioning government should be structured; which is explained through Federalist papers 10 and 39. The ideas in these two essays are the core of what American government is supposed to be; it states that the people have the right to belong in any faction that matches their ideology, but at the same time, their ideology must not prevent other groups from expressing their own principles. The Federalists were aware that they must explain how their proposed government will operate, what rules they must abide by and the well-being of the citizens were taken into consideration; which are done through Federalist papers 10, 17, 39, 45, 51, and 84. These papers were written for those who opposed the Constitution the Federalists were proposing because they were fearful that this new Constitution could potentially have the same effect of dominance that the British government had over the American colonies. Those who were in opposition of the Constitution,…

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