The Articles Of Confederation Failed Essay

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The Articles of Confederation Failed to Provide a Strong Government The first government of the original thirteen colonies was established by the Articles of Confederation. During this time, there was no president or a judiciary, but a congress did exist (History). The Articles of Confederation were the first shot at a federal government in the Untied States. The main downfall of the Articles of Confederation was simply weakness (Articles of Confederation). After finally winning over independence from a dominant, ruling nation, the new United States expected to come up with a new, less disturbing government to mimic the ideal of democracy and freedom. Yet, in its attempt to avoid governing with too strong a hand, the Articles of Confederation limited the federal government to the point that it held nearly no power to permit freedom and democracy to flourish (Articles of Confederation). The federal government under the Articles was too weak to enforce the laws, which then lead to them having no power whatsoever.
What is the Articles of Confederation to be exact? The Articles were an agreement among all thirteen original states in the United States of America that served as its first constitution (History). It was written during the Revolutionary War. The purpose of the Articles was to give the colonies some sort of awareness of a combined government. In 1777 was when the Articles were adopted (The Articles of Confederation). The resulting government was extremely weak…

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