The Article By Richard A. Shweder, And Female Genital Mutilation

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In the article by Richard A. Shweder, “Female Genital Mutilation”? And Why Understanding Culture Matters in the First Place”, the author emphasis female circumcision and the relationship to culture (Shweder, pg.1). The author is focusing on female circumcision however it can also be related as female genital mutilation (FGM) in other cultures. (Shweder, pg.1) Throughout this article, the author specifically focuses on the thought of the cultures which practice female circumcision (Shweder, pg.2). The author goes into depth referring to the research question, "is female circumcision really mutilation?" (Shweder, pg.6). The thesis developed through this article is that FGM is an extremely painless and admirable in several cultures (Shweder, pg.1-pg15). Also, that society should focus on facts and their perspectives on female circumcision and begin to practice tolerance towards their culture and practices (Shweder, pg.1-pg.15). In the analysis of this article, the thesis will be discussed in further detail, and the point the author makes about the "mutual yuck response" will also be explained in terms of how it supports the author 's thesis (Shweder, pg.1-pg.15). The following analysis will discuss Shweder’s thesis, where the author supports that the FGM claims are false and presented with poor or false evidence (Shweder, pg.1-pg.15). Secondly, FGM is highly admirable and respected among African cultures (Shweder, pg.1-pg.15). Lastly, because of Anti-FGM movements this is a…

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