The Art Of The Artist Essay

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War has always effected artists and therefore art. Artists are influenced by everything around them, many artists paint what they see be it realistically or in a more abstract way. When there is a war and an artist is near it and suffers from it or see it a world away and is moved by it then it only make sense that these ideas will come out in their art. Unless the artist is a cruel and slightly heart-less person as Picasso was for quite a bit of his life, then the artist will what to speak out. Most artists start making art because they want to share their view on the world or their thought process. Meaning if an artist is somehow effected by war they will want to help the only way they know how, by shedding light on the darkness of the world. A paintbrush is not just a tool, it is a weapon against war, murder, and hate and should be used as such when necessary. Many artists realized this and tried to make a difference, such as Picasso, Beckman and Kirchner as well as many others. Artists have a need to speak out and war must be addressed therefore it will always be a large topic in art. Artists have a choice if they want to help or not.
Pablo Picasso had to make that decision, for many years he had no desire to change ideas on war and hatred. When war came to Spain Picasso finally joined many other artists in the fight against injustice first with small paintings with some meaning. That is until Guernica, a small town in Spain was bombed by the Germans that is when…

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