Essay about The Army Ethic : What Is It?

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The Army Ethic what is it? How does it relate to the Army values? A quote I found off the CAPE Website summed up everything in maybe two sentences. “The Army Ethic. Our professional ethic is expressed in law, Army Values, creeds, oaths, ethos, and shared beliefs embedded within Army culture. It inspires and motivates the conduct of Army Professionals.” I would like to think the Army Ethic mirrors the Army Values that you can’t have one and not have the other, both must be present in order for there to be a coherent relationship. The Army ethic to me seems to be the foundation for our organization, and the foundation is built on with the Army values. The four values that stick out to me are Respect, Honor, Integrity and Selfless service. I think that without these values the army would not have survived as long as it has and we would not have been able to fight the wars we have let alone win the hearts and minds of the civilians in the AO’s we operate in without these values. As Professionals we should let the Army values and Army Ethics guide us on both the path to success and also the path to better ourselves both in and out of uniform. Practicing ethics allow us to demonstrate our character to others but also ourselves. These values and ethics that we as Soldiers hold so dear are our sets of principles that we must practice day in and out otherwise we may be tempted to breach them and a breach of our ethics can lead to more breaches some of them can even be severe with…

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