Essay about The Architect Of The Chiswick House

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1. A. The architect of the Chiswick House is Lord Burlington. Construction of the Chiswick house was complete in 1729. The Chiswick House is located on Burlington Lane, in west London. B. the architect of Monticello, is Thomas Jefferson. Construction began in 1768, and was completed in 1772. Monticello is located in Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Virginia.
#2. A. The Chiswick House is an eighteenth century home that was inspired by Roman architecture. The six pillars in the front that support the triangular roof that covers the main entrance is an exact replica of how buildings were constructed in the Greek and Roman times. The double stairways that lead up to the main entrance also has a Roman feel with the small pillars that support the stair railing. This was also the style in Roman cathedrals. The triangular designs above the giant windows around the house are also paying homage to the Roman style architecture. The entry way pillars also have Roman accents just below the top under the depicted drapery. The entry way was very large. There is enough room to fit numerous horse drawn carriages around, so to drop off high society for parties and important gatherings. The dome that sits atop of the house is also a tribute to the Roman churches that were placed on top of square structures. The Chiswick House also uses advanced mathematics to create the perfect square and the perfectly symmetrical curves and dome that is incorporated on this building.…

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