The Archaeological Record : An Overview On The History And Interrelationships Between The St. Lawrence Iroquoians And Huron

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the archaeological record to provide the answers regarding the past. He highly relies on the archaeological record (ceramic styles, design) to determine information on identity, politics and interrelationships between the St. Lawrence Iroquoians and Huron-Wendat people.
Opinions in Place of Conclusions:
These are unsupported assertions which Gibbon (2014) suggests are opinions. Therefore, the following are opinions asserted in place of conclusions:
¬ Ramsden (2016:6) suggests that his interpretations of the group of 7 houses outside the Kirche site that were never enclosed represents a group of people that moved from outside the area looking to join the Kirche village. o This is Ramsden’s conclusion regarding the houses found outside the Kirche community, there is no evidence for this rather it is Ramden’s opinion about the houses located outside the community indicate.
¬ At the Benson site the use of the barred neck motif is part of the process of blending the St. Lawrence Iroquoians and Huron-Wendat styles (Ramsden 2016:12). o Ramsden (2016) does not provide any explicit evidence that the barred neck motif is part of the blending of these two groups,
¬ Breaking and discarding St. Lawrence Iroquoian pipes were part of the process of negotiating the adoption of the St. Lawrence Iroquoian people into the Kirche community (Ramsden 2016:13).
¬ Stamped bars on St. Lawrence Iroquoian pipes was a symbol of men’s St. Lawrence Iroquoian identity (Ramsden 2016:13). o Ramsden…

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