The Arab – Israeli Conflict: Peace Building Essay

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The Arab – Israeli Conflict: Peace Building

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Introduction The Arab-Israeli conflict is not a single conflict especially when analyzing and evaluating movements towards new forms of behavior in a given conflict system (Bar-Siman-Tov, 2013: 1). The United States played in a key role in the encouragement of a creation of a conflict management framework that could be applied. It was realized that there would be a need for a further and deeper learning process to enable conflict resolution (Bar-Siman-Tov, 2013: 1).
As an intrastate conflict, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict should be seen above all as a major human problem involving approximately 3 million people who have been
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Intense conflict has existed for many decades in an area known as the West Bank. This area is known for having many sites which hold cultural, historical and religious significance for Jews, Muslims (identified as Palestinians) and Christians (Provini, 2012: par 4). Palestinians see the Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories of the West bank and Gaza as a ploy to regain control over the entire promised ‘Land of Israel’ (Kaufman, 2012: par 7). Since 2007, the West Bank has officially been governed by the Palestinian Authority (PA), a provisional government created as a stepping stone to eventually creating a Unites Nations – recognized state of Palestine, much like the Jewish state of Israel (Provini, 2012: par 4). The Israeli military have been in occupation of the area since 1967. To this day, the area is considered 60% under Israeli control (Provini, 2012: par 7).
Arab-Israeli Conflict Why the Arab –Israeli conflict? Well, for starters, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the longest running conflicts in the modern era (Yehoshua, 2011: par 8). The conflict has been active for about 130 years. Second, this is not a remote conflict in a godforsaken place, but one constantly at the center of international awareness (Yehoshua, 2011: par 4). That means it is one of the most extensively dealt with conflicts in

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