The Apology Of Socrates And Republic Essay

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Philosophy For The State
In the Apology of Socrates and Republic, it is argued that philosophy is beneficial for the state. Advantageous can be considered an outcome that is profitable. A state is an area controlled by a ruler. Therefore, the question is whether philosophy is a reasonable method of ruling an area and in what ways. Taking the side of Socrates and his student Plato, I will show that philosophy is profitable for the state in the following ways with a focus on civilian’s behaviour: first, philosophy will make individuals wise; secondly, each individual will be treated fairly and lastly, by philosophy will reduce the amount of disagreements within a state.
A philosopher-king, by its literal definition would be a king that engages in the study of philosophy. Philosophy is an area of study that has its roots in knowledge. Hence, the philosopher-king is the ruler who will direct the state according to facts rather than misleading information. Therefore, a philosopher-king is one who is considered a lover of knowledge. Not only is he able to learn and understand the truth as it is but also embrace it. A philosopher-king, being the rightful spreader of knowledge, is able to teach his state what knowledge is (something that is based on facts and is provable). By introducing its roots, the philosopher-king is able to spread philosophy in the state little by little. Upon realizing the nature of philosophy, the human race, in this case, the civilians will begin to…

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