Prendick In George Orwell's The Joy Luck Club

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A man’s life can change as it goes on. Started out with four men on the ship Lady Vain after it came to a clash. Pendick urged there were only three men; one men drowned attempting to be a part of their group. After a few days of not being able to stand the starvation and thirst, Helmar, thought of a plan but Prendick did not agree until the next day. A fight starts between the two other men, and Prendick tries to help Helmar, then both men fell overboard leaving Prendick all alone. After two days, Prendick was rescued, who no longer remember any particular of the event. Being marooned on a remote Pacific island challenged Prendick’s basic physical survival skills, forced him to observe human nature at its nightmarish worst, and motivated him …show more content…
Instead, Prendick followed the ape man and there he meets the sayer of the law who told him that if he wanted to live with them he needed to learn and speak the four laws that he decided to go along with for the ride. Surprisingly, Montgomery and Dr.Moreau were getting closer he ran to be away from them as much as possible but he was caught as he thought of drowning himself. As I have mentioned, Dr.Moreau explained to Prendick about his experiments. Dr.Moreau explained what he believes in on modifying creatures in their most characterized form by vivisection to change animals into somewhat human form. Being around the Beast Folks, Prendick understood more and got to know how they live and act. Over time, Prendick grows accustomed to the Beast Folk. Every now and then, though, he 'll notice some abnormal feature in them, and his initial disgust returns. After Prendick found the Leopard Man, a thought came to his mind that after seeing the creature in an animal attitude with its human face distorted with terror, he realized the fact of its humanity. Prendick left Moreau’s island using the small boat he had seen that was washed ashore with two dead men in it. After drifting a few days, he was rescued. He told the captain and first mate about the adventure he went through but it seemed like they did not believe that what Prendick were saying are true or he might have gone crazy. It lead to Prendick deciding not to tell anyone ever again of the times he was on Moreau 's island because he is scared of being trapped or locked in white padded

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