The Apartheid Of South Africa Essay

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Separateness Apartheid came about in South Africa due to colonialism and imperialism. The idea of white domination in South Africa dates back to the 1600s when “Dutch farmers settled the area that is now Cape Town,” and “They eventually expanded north and east, killing and enslaving the Khoi and San and fighting with the Xhosa and other indigenous groups”. The catalyst of apartheid was in 1930, which was known as the worldwide Great Depression. The depression lead to the main white political parties in South Africa to become united and cooperate with one another, and they formed the National Party (NP). “The NP worked to bring together Afrikaners of all social classes by emphasizing their common ethnic identity, skin color, and language,” and they “campaigned on a platform of white supremacy that called for total racial segregation and discrimination.” Under the rule of the NP black people were forced to live on “native reserves”, and they were restricted to where they could live and work. After the Great Depression many black people moved to the cities for jobs, which lead “to housing shortages and slums.” The new government under the NP was set up to make “White people, who controlled all the businesses and resources, grow richer while their black workers and servants stay poor.” The NP passed “a series of laws that made segregation a part of every public institution.” For example, one law required all citizens to carry passbooks, which identified race and one’s name.…

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