Essay about The Apartheid Of South Africa

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If the apartheid would end, it would require a complete dismantling of the current system; South Africa as it was currently known was too corrupt to remain sustainable.
The way to end the apartheid required a complete disinvestment of the Western regime from South Africa. American capitalism had to die first. For this to come about, the WCC encouraged ecumenical organizations to put pressure on their local leaders both in the United States and across all Western empires. Until Occidentalism came to an end, the apartheid was continually being fed. Fortunately, the white consciousness grew tired of witnessing the atrocities covered on global television. Coming out of America’s own Civil Rights movement, it seemed absurd for another nation with a majority of blacks to be ruled by a minority of whites. The WCC reach had grown long and the world took notice. A full solidarity of a united global church with South Africa began. Individual stockholders and Wall Street were being taken to court to account for their investments in South Africa. The New Jersey Council of Churches went on a hunger strike on the doorsteps of Wall Street until they disinvested. Christians openly denounced the apartheid, both in South Africa and across the globe. And this solidarity and pressure worked. Soon the global media spun the South African apartheid around and demonized it as a Communist uprising. Wall Street corporations pulled investments and left South Africa to start over from the ground up.…

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