The Apartheid Of South Africa Essay

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The Apartheid initially began in South Africa during the 1940’s when Dr. Daniel François Malan’s National Part dominated the United Party who wanted to unite together. After the National Party won, they had been given the Sauer report, which stated that they must choose either the Apartheid or a coalition1. They chose the Apartheid, meaning racial segregation between all races. The National party was split into 3 groups, which were white, colored, and black people. They were all formed to move to an area that was designed for their skin color only. A petty Apartheid is a form of racial segregation that only applies to public areas. There was a petty Apartheid was introduced to restrict black people from being able to live in the same buildings as whites, or even be in the same vicinity as them2. It is very clear to see that the petty Apartheid was used to prevent blacks and whites from merging together. The petty also affected sitting areas, water fountains, and local bathrooms that were for either all blacks or all whites only. Of course, black or colored people weren’t allowed to have sexual relations, let alone even marry anyone that wasn’t of the same color to prevent the reproduction of black people. All colored people essentially disliked the National Party because while in power, they made sure that only white people would be able to vote. Many Africans’ lives had gotten much worse between the 1950s and 1970s because of white supremacy. White supremacy is the…

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