The Anti Vietnam War Movement Essay

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The Anti-Vietnam War movement eventually succeeded with U.S forces exiting Vietnam. Previous to that, achievements of the movement were in public opinion not policy. The United States interfered in Vietnam for the purpose of containing the geopolitical spread of communism. The Anti-Vietnam War movement was mainly made up of baby-boom college students, as they were the people threatened by the draft. The movement co-occurred with social change for American women, black people and non-straight people. Because of the climate of change, complacency was no longer an option in the face of injustice. The Anti-Vietnam War achieved meaningful change by ending the draft and stripping away willful ignorance that allowed injustice to occur. The movement had a moderate level of success but it took too long to achieve it.

The biggest success of the Anti-Vietnam War effort was the end of the draft, in favour of an all-volunteer military force. Resistance to the draft was a staple of the movement. There were men faking homosexuality and health conditions while others fled to Canada and burned their draft cards in protest. Evading the draft required a certain status within society. You could defer if you were in college and flee the country if you had money but that wasn’t possible for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Black men were twice as likely to be drafted than their white counterparts because they were underrepresented in college populations and over-represented in…

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