Essay on The And Your Legs ' : What Are You Look Like A Man?

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“Cross your legs”. “Shave your legs”. “Put some makeup on”. “Speak softly”. “Don’t be so vulgar, be a lady”. “You look like a man”. All these phrases have been spoken to me throughout my life, whether by my family, friends, the media or society. They are commands that have tailored my life and fit me in “my right place”. These are all qualities that make me, as an individual, female.
Society in general has rules in every aspect. Everything has limits. There are grey areas that develop out of these rules, but they are usually met with rather strong controversy. Gender performativity is something that is entrenched into society so deeply that individuals fail to realise that it is a form of performance, with a certain set of cues that are to be followed. Sex dictates certain behavioural patterns. These behavioural patterns transform into gender.
I personally identify as a female, simply because it is all I have ever known. I was born into a society that gave me specific instructions based on the sex I was born into and I was happy to follow them. However, these instructions, a lot of the time, were also given by me. I cannot help but wonder if I ever really did have the choice? I have personally classed certain behaviour into what would be acceptable for me as a female and followed it religiously. It made me feel right and part of a community and for that reason I never an outsider in terms of gender. Who I am female and I am sure. Or am I?
If someone were to ask my how my…

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