The And The Temporal State Has Authority Over The Spiritual Essay example

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1. The first wall used by the clergy to protect themselves from fair council is their assertion that the temporal state has no authority over them. Luther believes this to be a lie, where in fact it is the exact opposite, the temporal state has authority over the spiritual. He supports this by claiming all Christians are spiritually equal, destroying the hierarchy within the Catholic church. He also uses scripture, specifically Romans 13:1-4 which states, “Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, … for so is the will of God.” Because God wishes for us to abide by the laws of man, the temporal state has authority over all Christians.

2. Luther attacks the second wall in the same manner he attacked the first. He begins again by asserting the fact that all those who believe in Christ are all priests and spiritual equals. He then tears down the Pope’s claim to be the spiritual authority over all of Christendom. He uses the same evidence which Marsilius did centuries ago, that because the keys were not given solely to St. Peter, but rather, to all the apostles, effectively destroying the Pope’s claim to authority. He also states that the Popes are not true successors to St. Peter because they have not been following Christ’s words, “I have prayed for thee not to fail,” (St. Luke 22:32) Luther believes they are in direct violation to this quote because the Popes had often been failing God’s commands and wishes.

3. The purpose of a council is to call…

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