The And The Intervention Of The Future Essay

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Introduction: The French biologist Francois Jacob, winner of a Nobel Prize, writes in his book Time and the intervention of the Future, “What we can guess today will not be realized. Change is bound to occur anyway, but the future will be different from what we believe. This is especially true in science.
The search for knowledge is an endless process and one can never tell how it is going to turn out.
Unpredictability is in the nature of the scientific enterprise. If what is to be found is really new, then it is by definition unknown in advance. There is no way of telling where a particular line of research will lead.” There is something wonderful about this image of researchers struggling to define questions for as yet unknown answers. And today, the result of researchers struggling have been providing us with sci-fi like medical technology such as gene sequencing, drugs for chronical disease, telemedicine, and body-roving medi-bots to repair the body etc. In this essay, I will focus on the role of protein engineering, synthetic organic molecules, and biomolecules to show their impact in miniaturization, integration and parallelization of biological systems.
Role of Protein Engineering: Proteins are the major building blocks of many functional units in a living cell and are therefore important materials for building molecular electronic devices. The versatility of proteins as functional materials derives from the gradualism in their structural changes: single point…

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