The And The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Plays have been predominantly used for entertainment in the world 's past, yet there have been exceptions to it where the play is used as a tool of representation of certain ideas and themes. Two plays where their primary purpose was to show certain ideas and themes are All My Sons and The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller wrote these two stories around the period of world war two (WWII) and as such, could be an indicator of how society was then. Both plays support John Stuart Mill 's idea of Utilitarianism by explaining how family is more important than oneself, lies and deceit affect the community, not only oneself, and guilt can cause a man to regain his moral compass. The meaning of family is different for people everywhere yet there is the common belief that no matter who your family is, be it people who share the same blood or people who have helped you in your life, your family should always be a top priority and you should be willing to self sacrifice for you family. In All My Sons, the play takes place during world war two. Around this time era, a nuclear family was the common and the only socially accepted type of family. The man had to be the provider of the house and do whatever it took to help his family. And in All My Sons, the father in the Keller family, Joe Keller, did just that; “I spoiled the both of you. I should’ve put him out when he was ten like I was put out, and make him earn his keep. Then he’d know how a buck is made in this world.…

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