The And Prejudice By Fay Weldon Essay

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Fay Weldon’s Letters To Alice on First Reading Jane Austen works through the didactic literary form of epistolary novel to enable the contemporary reader to understand the values found throughout Pride and Prejudice. Weldon innovatively and creatively alludes to the modern day reader’s world through postmodern perspectives; and a blend of fiction and nonfiction to shift their understanding, transform individual perspectives, and encourage a unique yet contemporary appreciation of Austen’s novel. Jane Austen published her regency novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in 1813, a work that critically analyzed the social values and mores of her time, including the marriage and education. Austen explored the significance of characterisation, dialogue, and a letter driven plot using satirical wit and irony. In contrast Fay Weldon’s 1984 epistolary novel ‘Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen’ creatively uses literary techniques such as irony and didacticism to demonstrate to Alice, her niece and to us the audience, essential contemporary values such as second wave feminism and literature, and their continual shift over time – accompanied by a myriad of references to Austen and her novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Ultimately both texts recognize the significance of context and its consequential relationship to their contemporary societal values. Of major value in Pride and Prejudice is the importance placed on marriage, one that is reinforced in Weldon’s discussion of this theme in…

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