Essay The And Of The Holocaust

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The idea of intentionalism, in relation to the Holocaust, explains that Adolf Hitler had the initial idea of the mass execution of the European Jews as a solution to the Jewish question years before he came into power. It is believed that he had a preconceived notion that the only way to truly rid of the Jewish population was through extreme genocidal acts. Historians have debated over the idea of intentionalism vs. functionalism, but no real answer has ever been found, and perhaps never will be, as to if the Final Solution was truly premeditated. Intentionalists would argue that the idea of the Final Solution came before World War II; they would debate that Hitler intentionally deprived Jews of their privileges, socially and economically isolated them from all aspects of German life to further his final goal of overall annihilation of Jewish culture. The opposite side of the debate, known as functionalism, is described as how Hitler used spontaneity and rash impromptu decisions in order to progress to the final stage of the Holocaust, but that there was no original thought of mass murder. Functionalist historians would argue that Hitler decided the Final Solution was necessary once his other plans proved not to be effective enough by his thinking, and with the aid of other Nazi officials and leaders. They would dismiss the role of a supreme leader (i.e. Hitler) and say that different organizations acted independently to achieve what would become the Final Solution. While…

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