Essay on The And Its Effect On The Value

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How the authorial intent affects the value is also dependent on whether or not the creator succeeded in their purpose, viz whether or not the reader can infer an intended meaning from the text thus the creator’s role is to make this intent effective to understand (Aagaard-Mogensen, 1986 p28). However, the view that there is only one meaning, and that others are incorrect and/or irrelevant limits the value that can be interpreted from the piece. Here the intentional fallacy comes into play, the idea that a work is a separate entity from the creator and their own ideas and so assessments of literary works by readers are more important than those by the author. The original intent is discounted or restricted and instead the audience is at liberty to determine any meaning and value that is not the intention of the author. If the author is discounted solely by the creation of the existence of a work that adds to or alters the original work, then the fan-work’s creators themselves are acknowledging that there are multiple interpretations (Sutcliffe, 2013 p201). A recent example would be concerning J.K. Rowling who after finishing the Harry Potter series, continues to add to the world-building and provide explanation and clarifications that act as retroactive continuity to try to keep readers sticking with the original ‘correct’ authorial views. Following this, the objective theory allows for a piece of literature to have an independent public existence which allows it to remain…

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