The And It 's Madness Essay

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Megalomania and it’s Madness.
The Belle Assemblee or the Bell’s Court and Fashionable Magazine or Court Magazine was a fashion magazine published by John Bell that ran from 1806 to 1837. It was marketed to upper class women of Great Britain. The Belle Assemblee was known for its fashion advice as well as it’s content on poetry, literature and politics. In March of 1818 it published an article titled ‘’Review of Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus,” which was an analysis of the novel Frankenstein. At the time the author of Frankenstein (which we now know to be Mary Shelley) was unknown and the critic who wrote the article also wished to remain anonymous. The critic aimed the article to shine a light on the religious perspective running through the novel; that men who become obsessed with their work in the pursuit of glory, without respect for God can be brought to ruin by their blind ambition. The critic does this by drawing the reader’s attention to the synchronous link in the title “Frankenstein or the…

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