The And Innocence Project 's Official Web Page Essay

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According to the innocence project’s official web page, only few studies have revealed that between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent, equivalent to 20,000 innocent people; a number that continues to grow with the progression of time (How Many Innocent People). The fact of the matter here is that innocent individuals are paying time that are not meant for them to serve. Time which cannot be refunded, nor compensated for. Another perspective is that, often time prison drastically changes how one lives their life once they are free. A number of difficulties whether it is finding a job, or finding a place to live encumbers those exonerated. The sad truth is that this is the reality that many will face.
Moreover, jail inmates are generally required to pay fees for services such as laundry, room and board, and even booking fees. Regardless of whether or not the inmate is later proven innocent, these bills still must be tended to. As a result, this leaves many departed defendants under an obligation to pay the system. This is not only troubling for the system but also on the innocent person. In order to come to a complete understanding of how these issues and the main issue of the innocent receiving jail time can be prevented, the causes of this happening must first be recognized. One of the reasons William Dillon received Jail time, was due to a poor trial. Preston, who was better known as the dog handler, released an unreliable testimony stating that his…

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