Steven Avery Research Paper

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Many consider the United States judicial system as one of the most advanced in the modern world; however, it still has a number of issues and flaws. With recent advanced DNA testing, biological testing, and computer technology, many individuals that have been convicted due to illegal tampering, faulty eyewitness statements, bias police forces, or even planted evidence have been proven innocent and released from prison. Many of these victims have been able to overturn their conviction by turning towards a lengthy appeals process or through the assistance of innocent project foundations. One of the most prominent cases that has attracted the attention of the United States public is that of Steven Avery. The trials and tribulations of Steven Avery …show more content…
The use of the Manitowoc police and the pending lawsuit that they were involved in with Avery makes it appear as though the police had a motive, and were attempting to rid themselves of Avery to eliminate the lawsuit and to convince others that it was appropriate for them to go after Avery back in 1985. The interrogation of Dassey by the police as well was sloppy, allowing an opening for Avery’s lawyers to suggest that the Manitowoc police had targeted Avery from the beginning of the investigation. Dassey, who has a “low IQ and was enrolled in some special education classes at the time was pulled out of school by Manitowoc officers and interrogated” (Mckenzie). This was done without enough support or evidence to show that Dassey was actually connected to the crime. In fact, “the Manitowoc police were so involved in the case that it was a Manitowoc County deputy that found Halbach’s keys in Avery’s bedroom, even though other officers had already searched it” (Ferak). The saving grace for this incompetent investigation was the amount of evidence left on the scene. There was so much solid evidence pointing towards Avery’s guilt in fact that according to Time Magazine, the defense attorney for Avery after the Netflix documentary came out claimed that he believed Avery likely committed the crime “because all the evidence connected Avery, and there was even more evidence that the documentary was didn’t show that made it clear that Avery had done it” (Grossman). Nevertheless, according to CNN’s Lisa France in her article Making a Murderer ': Petitions call for Steven Avery 's release, nearly “360,000 people have signed a petition that asks for a presidential pardon for Avery”, arguing that there are a number of issues with the investigation (France). Even with such support, it is more then likely that Avery is the murderer of Halbach and that

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