The And Cultural Memory Of The Holocaust Essay

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Art Spiegelman has created an authentic graphic novel, that depicts a personal and cultural collection of traumatic memory of the holocaust. Through the eyes of his father with great orientation, Spiegleman has demonstrated these horrific events with pictorial aid. The emotional, mental, and physical aspects due to brutal treatment towards the Jewish community from the holocaust reflects on how both Spiegleman and his father Vladek struggle to resurface these memories on personal and collective account. Recollecting on traumatic events within personal experiences displays a great deal of emotional and mental strength, forcefully resurfacing catastrophic memories in which have heavily impacted and changed ones life, body, and mind results as no easy tasks, because traumatic memories can evoke feelings of repression, anger, desire, and anxiety amongst the individual. Anh Huas’ essay: Diaspora and Cultural Memory entails all the key concepts connected with diasporic memories that this graphic novel reflects on: That being the ability to reconstruct these memories, while giving insight on the identity of Jewish people- such as Spiegelman himself as well as Vladek- and how this event has constructed their memory trauma. In Maus this is displayed on numerous accounts when Vladek…

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