Essay The And Advancement Of Democratic States

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A substantial quantity of scholarly work has been focused on the maintenance and advancement of democratic states, especially young and newly established democracies, where the topics of the academia concerning the maintenance of democracies range from development to security. It is in this pursuit of betterment that scholars have delved deep into the details and complexities that when are compounded comprise democracies. It is perhaps due to this preoccupation with the idiosyncratic that brought about an oversight of the more fundamental facets of democracies and their innate importance, however, this is not to state that the rudimentary aspects of democracies have been neglected by academia, but simply that great attention has been progressively drawn toward the particulara of the field. Once dissected democracies have been shown to contain numerous components, but one only needs to look in a dictionary to find which is the most basic to democracy; elections. I acknowledge that not all democratic states use an electorate to represent the populace, but for those that do, elections are the lifeblood of the democratic process.
The Democracy Index evaluates states on their electoral process by analyzing citizen suffrage, accesses to polling sites, and interference from governments as well as other areas, all of which are important for elections, however, it has been asserted that it is participation in elections which validates and gives meaning to elections (Cite Democracy…

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