The And Addictive Behaviors Among Users Essay

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suggested that over 40% of the respondents habitually post updates and comments to more than two social media sites each and every day (Bennet, 2012). The researchers Vohs and Heatherton noted a clear relationship between ‘oversharing and addictive behaviors that could lead to self-regulatory failures (Vohs, &, Heatherton, 2000): When Vohs, &, Heatherton model is applied to the conditions of oversharing as reported by Bennet in the social media world, the behavior increases the probability that oversharing leads to higher levels of strain among social media users which promotes oversharing and compulsive addictive behaviors among users.
One of the components of Hirschi 's social control theory most adversely affected by growth of social media relates to an individual 's level of belief in the moral validity of shared social values and norms (Kramer, 2011). In society, certain values such as freedom of expression and speech are espoused as norms, however, some previous research efforts have suggested that core values are often belittled in the social media spectrum (Kramera et. al, 2012) Therein, Hirschi’s assumption that people who strongly believe in these norms are less likely to deviate from them, may not be applicable in the social media environment. Bennett’s research has found that those who question or challenge the norms of society are most likely to be heavy users of social media (Bennett, 2012). As social media has provided a voice for radical thought, the…

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