The Ancient Near East Volume 1 By James Pritchard Essay

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An Amorites named Hammurabi was in control of the dynasty of the old Babylonian in its golden age. In “the ancient Near East Volume 1” edited by James Pritchard he states that Hammurabi ended up being the sixth of eleven kings in the old Babylonian dynasty. He is well known for making the first written codes of laws of his kingdom. Which, he engraved in stone to serve as the political and governmental voice for his kingdom to follow. Hammurabi controlled the first dynasty of Babylon with the codes but he gained the kingdom with careful alliances and successful military campaigns. In ancient Babylonia Hammurabi was well known because of these codes that he created they were meant to be practical for the public to live by and to help everyone be outstanding citizens. Hammurabi depicted these codes from, Shamash, who is Sun God, the God of justice. Hammurabi wanted his kingdom to see the king’s power being as equal to a God like Shamash.
The contents of the law regulations are clear with the organization of a large group and to control the society with harsh punishments for even the smallest crime. The witness of these horrific crimes to be either a little exaggerated when it came to the punishment would definitely over fit the crime most leading to death because Hammurabi leads his people with fear. The basic idea of Hammurabi is an eye for an eye laws showing little Marcy to crimes, William Stiebing Jr states in “Ancient Near Eastern History and Culture” that Hammurabi…

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